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Rough Week 9 at the window with some late blown covers. But we’re back at it with the rest of you. Stack on.

Here’s a quick rundown on the locks of Week 10:

  • Cleveland Browns +11
  • Buffalo Bills +3
  • Houston Texans +12
  • Tennessee Titans -3
  • Clemson -16
  • Virginia +11.5
  • TCU +6.5

Last Week’s Locks

NFL Week 10


Cleveland Browns +11 at Detroit Lions

NEVER doubt the ability of Hue Jackson with an extra week to prepare. Alright, no, but seriously, the Browns are getting too many points here. We’re trusting (gulp) the Browns to play conservatively and keep turnovers to a minimum (gulp), but they should keep this close and surprise the betting public.

And – Josh Gordon is back in the building. Fantasy playoffs, beware. The J-God is about to make and break seasons.

Pick: Browns +11


New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills +3

New Orleans has won six straight (impressive) against the likes of Mitchell-not-Mitch Trubisky, Brett Hundley, and Jameis Winston (less impressive). The Bills have yet to lose a game at home in front of the legendary Bills Mafia (pictured above in its natural table-breaking habitat), and this game will not be the first. The Saints are notoriously poor performers outdoors in the cold, and this Buffalo team is built to take advantage of finesse teams. Take the points if you like, but the Bills should win this outright.

Pick: Bills +3


Houston Texans +12 at Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are giving 12 points…an incredible overreaction to last week’s blowout win against the truly hapless dead-men-walking Giants.

There’s no way that Houston wins this game, but they are certainly stout enough on defense to keep it close. With a full week of practice as the starter, Tom Savage should be sliiightly less disappointing than his last performances indicate.

Pick: Texans +12


Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans -3

The Bengals are done. Collectively, entirely, wholely. There is no one in the organization indicating that they have not given up on this season. This week should force ownership to make changes, but at the same time, the Bengals represents a city that considers Cincinnati Chili a delicacy…the bad decisions will probably continue.

Tennessee wins this game going away.

Pick: Titans -3



Florida State at Clemson -16

This is a terrible matchup for Florida State, having struggled to score all year and now running into arguably the best front seven in all of college football. The Seminoles won’t score more than a touchdown or two in this game, and we trust Clemson to put up 30 or more. The Tigers offense should be on a short field throughout, and with a couple of forced turnovers, this matchup could turn into the blowout of the weekend.

Pick: Clemson -16


Virginia +11.5 at Louisville

This line is a reflection of the love casual bettors still have towards last year’s Heisman winner Lamar Jackson. But anyone who has actually watched this team knows that he is essentially playing by himself. This Louisville team should not be heavily favored against anyone in the ACC. Take Virginia here and cash the ticket easily.

Pick: Virginia +11.5


TCU +6.5 at Oklahoma

Baker Mayfield may be the best quarterback in college football, but this stingy TCU defense is a massive step up from the Oklahoma State squad that allowed 62 points last week. The Sooners’ offensive firepower is well matched by their defensive ineptitude, so we see this game getting into the high 30s and low 40s. If Kenny Hill doesn’t gift a couple interceptions, we see TCU taking this game outright.

Pick: TCU +6.5




NFL: 10-12

CFB: 29-19-3

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